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Tap2Tag Medical Alert Wristband

$49.95 plus HST and shipping

The Tap2Tag Wristband gives you access to your complete medical profile in a waterproof, heat-resistant silicone band. The chip which connects your wristband to your profile is also encased in silicone.

Your profile can include a picture and video, your past and current medications, a comprehensive list of your allergies and conditions, contact information, your doctor’s number and address, scanned medical documents, and much more.

Update your profile any time with no subscription fees.


Product Description


The Tap2Tag Medical Alert Wristband comes in six sizes:

extra small (141mm)
small (157mm)
medium (173mm)
large (189mm)
extra large (204mm) and;
XX large (233mm)

The silicone stretches to fit around your hand and reverts to its resting size around your wrist.

To determine which size is best suited to you, measure your wrist with a piece of string or flexible measuring tape.

For a snug fit, choose the size which most closely matches your wrist measurement. This fit is appropriate for those involved in athletic activities.

For a loose fit, choose a band one size up from your wrist measurement. This fit is recommended for those with medical concerns related to circulation.


The Tap2Tag Medical Alert Wristband comes in six colours.

The universal medical symbol, the caduceus, and the words “scan with NFC or see reverse” are debossed into the silicone. The words “Enter [unique nine letter code” at www.tap2.me” are debossed into the inside of the wristband.

Both instructions direct the smartphone accessing the device to your profile.

Technical information

The Tap2Tag Medical Alert Wristband contains a NFC chip (NXP NTAG203). Each chip is locked to prevent information tampering. Any attempt to hack the fob by overwriting the data invalidates and inactivates the chip.

The wristbands’ chips have no internal source of power and do not require a battery. The chips use NFC data transfer abilities of the NFC enabled device (a smartphone or tablet) to access the information on your profile.


Tap2Tag’s Medical Alert Wristbands are waterproof and heat-resistant.

NFC and Tap2Tag

Tap2Tag devices use the same technology as a debit card but with additional levels of security.

Each Tap2Tag device uses a unique NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing code. The pairing code connects your profile to your device. This makes it possible for you to update your online profile any time using the Tap2Tag platform.

NFC technology is compatible with smartphones. The NFC reader is built into most phones and automatically enabled.

For older phones, we have included instructions to visit the Tap2Tag.me website and a unique pin number which links to your profile.

Just like a barcode, many of our products do not require battery or an app to communicate between devices.


Unlike Bluetooth devices, Tap2Tag’s NFC does not broadcast your signal. Tap2Tag devices use actual contact – the tap – to activate information portals.

The NFC chip in Tap2Tag devices is read only, so the information can not be modified on the physical device without accessing your account.

Tap2Tag NFC devices employ a double authentication system to keep your account secure. To alter the profile, you must know both the name of the device and the user password.

Both the key fob and the Tap2Tag platform are secure.

Additional Information

Wristband size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Wristband colour

White, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Black