How tap2tag works

Tap2Tag is a new application of technology, designed to help first responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in an emergency. Anyone can potentially benefit from Tap2Tag. However, for those with a known medical condition, the elderly or anyone taking prescribed drugs, it is particularly vital. Most of our customers simply use the system to record their own medical information so that, when they are asked for details of their current medication, they access their Tap2Tag device and show their phone to the doctor. It’s the simplest way of ensuring that you do not forget anything.

A typical Tap2Tag user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubber charity wristbands. Other users prefer to have a key fob, or to carry a card, or to display a sticker in their home. Some choose to use a combination.

Each device is embedded with a new technology, known as ‘NFC’ (near-field communication). NFC was designed for use with mobile phones. Most smart phones have this technology.

In an emergency, for example when someone collapses, after calling emergency services any passer-by or neighbour with an NFC-enabled mobile phone can ‘tap’ the patient’s device. With a couple of clicks they can gain instant access to information which the wearer has chosen to disclose.

It is up to each individual to decide what information to include. Some typical examples:

  • full name
  • allergies
  • known medical conditions
  • required medications
  • a public message, accessible on first tap. For example “Call 911. I have a heart condition. Spray is in my bag. Spray once in my mouth then wait for paramedics.”
  • documents such as care plans, powers of attorney for personal care, living wills, copies of “do not resuscitate” letters, etc.
  • organ donor status
  • date of birth
  • blood group
  • provincial health insurance number
  • a photograph

Even if the first responder hasn’t activated the Tap2Tag device, the paramedics can do so on arrival, gaining vital, potentially life-saving information about the patient.

When there's no time to waste

Just tap for instant access to emergency medical info, then login to see the full profile. In the unlikely event that no one nearby has an NFC device, visit our website instead. Same quick access, same information, same security.

Choose what to share

Store any information you wish to share with emergency responders or any other care provider. You can even choose to upload documents and a photograph for ID purposes.

Advanced security

NFC is fast and our service is extremely secure. Your information is safe and quickly accessible once someone logs in. You will always know who has accessed your profile.

Send emergency alerts

In case of emergency, tap2tag can send text or email to your chosen contacts. If you are a caregiver, being able to automatically alert someone will give you peace of mind.

What people are saying

“I’m excited about the new easy access tap2tag Medical product for friends, family and patients. Secure medical information, available at a tap, for patients who have implants, diabetes, allergies or medical conditions will make emergency situations and treatment more appropriate to an individual’s medical need. I will certainly register and wear a tap2tag Medical device and hope others will do too.”

– Sharon Bates MSc RM RN Dip Co, Specialist Bariatric Nurse

“Tap2Tag Medical is one of the best ideas I’ve come across in many years. Using ultra-smart technology, yet in a way anyone can access, it will significantly speed up the process of receiving correct treatment in an emergency.”

“I’m delighted about its launch and will start recommending it to patients.”

– Dr Monica Mohan, consultant neuropsychiatrist

“Tap2Tag is an idea whose time has come. It brings the medical wristband into the 21st century. Tap2Tag can speak for you at the doctor’s office, when you might not remember everything you need to share, or in an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself. It can even alert emergency contacts for you. And it’s fast!”

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