“This is a really exciting new device that has potential to transform the lives of people with health conditions, disabilities or communication difficulties and the frail elderly. I was delighted to help launch Tap2Tag .” ~ Chris Skidmore



“Sounds brilliant. Something for people with all medical conditions. Just WOW!”



“This is a tremendous piece of gear that will enable us to get patient information really quickly. We can see huge potential in it within emergency health care.” – Nick Evans



“We’ve waited over 10 years for something like this and you’ve done it. Thank you so much!”


Life saving information … on tap.

Tap2Tag medical alert devices provide a safe, secure and convenient way of carrying your personal medical information with you at all times.

In most cases people use our devices as a convenient way of storing their own information, and then access the device when needed, for example at a clinic.

If you are in an emergency situation, a first responder can access your information securely with any device connected to the internet such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Our products can also be scanned with a mobile phone that is NFC enabled.

If you have a medical condition, allergy or carry a specific medical device then this information is vitally important to emergency services.

The device is invaluable for anyone with a medical condition and for anyone who is vulnerable. It is also worthwhile for those involved in sports or athletics, especially those who travel.

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